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Pepperwood Utah is an exclusive gated community located in Sandy Utah with many community amenities from a community pool to the clubhouse and a large park area for families to utilize for many activities.
If you are looking to buy a home in Pepperwood Utah, Daniel Paris at specializes in all types of Jumbo Mortgage Home Loans in Pepperwood Sandy Utah, with loan programs
For jumbo loans from 90% LTV to Jumbo programs that start with credit scores as low as a 660 all the way up to 850 credit scores.
Pepperwood Utah Jumbo LTV’S & Loan Amounts!
90% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $ 750,000
85% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $ 1,100,000
80% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $1,500,000
75% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $2,250,000
70% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $ 2,500,000
60% LTV / MAX LOAN AMOUNT $ 3,000,000

Construction Loans Also Available

Construction Loan Parameters
Current Rate: 3.0% @ 0 points
80% LTV to 1 Million
75% LTV to 1.5 Million
70% LTV to 2 Million 60% LTV to 3 Million
Primary Residence and Second Home Only
Need 720 Fico for 80% LTV
Need 680 Fico for 70% LTV
50% DTI to 70% LTV
45% DTI to 80% LTV Lend off of Lower of Cost or Appraisal on New Construction
Lend off of Future Appraised Value on Rehab, Remodel, Tear Down
No Interest Reserve or Contingency Required
 Lot Loan Parameters
Current Rate: 3.75% @ 0 points
Residential Only 80% LTV Max (Purchase)
70% LTV Max (Refi)
680 Fico up to 80% LTV
680 Fico up to 70% LTV
45% DTI to 80% LTV
50% DTI to 70% LTV
3/1 ARM CMT Index
1 Lot loan per borrower unless they are right next to each other
We also have many other Mortgage Loan options for Pepperwood Sandy Utah , Conventional loans with a 1st mortgage to 600,300 with a combo 2nd HELOC loan to of 350,000, this option gets a low conforming fixed rate on the 1st Mortgage .
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